Rental Regulations


By renting, the tenant agrees to these regulations. In cases where these conditions do not provide, “Karels Watersport” determines what should happen.


The rental price is USD 185 per day of 4 hours, or USD 310 per day (8 hours), this includes a cool box filled with ice. Payment for the rented property and additional services is made before departure by card or cash or has already been made via the website.
When renting, we require a deposit of USD 500 and a valid ID (age 18 years and older). The deposit is for the deductible in case of damage to the vessel and to third parties. The deposit can be redeemed by taking out a Loss Damage Waiver of 120 USD.

Rental times

Minimum boat rental is 4 hours per day. The boat must be returned to the port at the agreed time in the condition in which the boat was taken (clean, tidy, etc.).
Being late means that the tenant must pay extra at an overtime double rate, calculated on an hourly basis. Failure to return clean also incurs costs: 50 USD.


If the boat is damaged or returned incomplete, “Karels Watersport” will retain the deposit. It is the tenant’s duty, if another party is the perpetrator of the damage, to recover the deposit from the perpetrator.


Cancellation of a reservation is only possible in the event of continuous and persistent rain on the day of the rental and in the event of extremely strong winds that it is no longer responsible to go on the water, provided after consultation with “Karels Watersport”.
For any other reason for cancellation on the day of rental, “Karels Watersport” will charge 100%.
If you cancel two days before the start of the rental, you will receive a credit coupon worth the agreed rental amount. Your credit is valid for the current season.
If the rental is canceled from 1 day before the start of the rental, “Karels Watersport” will charge 50% of the rental price.

Scuba Diving

It is not permitted to take diving equipment on board our rental boats.

You sail at your own risk

We are not responsible for the consequences of your actions in our boats. Make sure you are aware of the sailing regulations before you go on the water. Take a mobile phone with you so that you can reach “Karels Watersport” or an emergency number. The renter is at all times responsible for the boat and the well-being of those on board. This also includes (possible) damage to the tenant’s property and (possible) damage to the property of “Karels Watersport” and to third parties. The renter is responsible for adhering to good helmsmanship and must ensure that the safety of passengers (keep hands inboard) and other water sports enthusiasts is never at risk.
The number of people indicated at the boat, namely 6 people and 2 children up to 3 years old, may not be exceeded.
“Karels Watersport” cannot be held liable for loss, theft or damage to personal property as a result of the boat rental.

Keep Bonaire Clean

Do not leave food or waste lying around in or around the bay.

Nature Tag

Bonaire is surrounded by a nature park, the Bonaire Natonal Marine Park, which is maintained by Stinapa. Residents, children under 12 years old and passengers of cruise boats can use this freely. Non-residents over the age of 12 pay for the use of the water. Make sure you have your ‘Nature Tag’ with you so that you can show it during any inspection.
The Bonaire Marine Tag (buy it online):

Who Has Priority?

Our boats fall under the category of small ships which must always give priority to large ships that are longer than 20 meters. This includes freight and passenger ships. Fishermen, tugboats and sailing ships, whether under sail or not, are also given priority.
Just like on the road, the right (except for exceptions) also has priority on the water. We strongly recommend that you never claim the right of way and always give way to another vessel.

Sailing Area

Other Rules

  • You are not allowed to sail in or through the anchorage area of ​​the sailing, motor and fishing boats between Karels watersports and Harbor Village Marina.
  • You are not allowed to be stationary on busy shipping routes.
  • Make sure you have sufficient visibility and look around you regularly.
  • Limit noise pollution.
  • Swimming in a sailing route is not permitted.
  • The driver must sail without alcohol, the maximum permitted permille is 0.5. Inspections are sometimes carried out and the fines are not lenient.
  • Do not suddenly change course.
  • Do not sail close to fishing lines or fishing nets.
  • Do not sail too close to the reef/coral or sail over it. Stay in the dark blue water.
  • Always hand in the keys to a boat to the employee on duty upon your return and give the employee time to check the boat (life jackets, damage, cleaning, etc.).